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Scientia inspirit victoria

A great way to acquire theoretical knowledge and convert it into practical skills!
You won’t be bored!


An online multiplayer role-playing adventure, which has everything you want in a modern game: shooting, crafting, economics, plot and interaction!

Special training technology - mathematics, physics and programming in real game quests.

Action takes place in the not-too distant future, the location - planet Port-Olla. The enemy - rebellious robots, the mission is to restore order.


The secret project is mastering the exoplanet - settlements and mining complexes are being built.

Classified data shows that the core of the planet is heterogeneous and contains the “Something”.

Crazy hypotheses are confirmed when robots refuse to drill the surface, attack people and destroy machinery.

Something has subdued peaceful robots, but why? What are It’s next steps, and how it could be stopped and controlled?


Target audience:
age 12-15 students
(6-9 grade)

Cooperative learning

Cognitive skills
development model analysis, system construction, basics of experimental works, system thinking in general

Short game sessions
(under 15 mins)
which are easy to integrate into basic lesson timing

Rich visual educational and game progress statistics


Simple and reliable

Automatic rifle
Universal and accessible

Rarely but right on target

On a scale and for sure


A third-person co-op shooter with procedurally generated maps and landscapes of an unexplored planet, various missions and a valuable loot.

The Pawn
A light, very common robot Seems harmless, but the “Pawn” Swarm may pose a threat

The Horse
A middle-class robot
It's a threat only to those who have not studied well

Heavily armed giant
Slow, but if it manages to aim, target is reduced to particles

They have mutated from hard-working machines. In times of peace, the Pawn was a welder, and the Horse was an ordinary loader.

They don't have any serious weapons. But the heavy Dwarf once worked on mining and was equipped with a powerful laser, which is now far from being used for peaceful purposes.


To design and assemble your own weapons, to shoot and test what you have made by yourself - that is the point and style of our game! Everyone decides for themselves what improvements and assistants they need.


Modern technological processes - planning, design and control ...

Real application of the knowledge gained. Production of vital things and weapons.


Research and engineering activities - mechanics and thermodynamics for real combat missions!

Engage in experiments to create new materials and devices, rather than abstract lab trials; make what is interesting and important.


Rather than simply watching, you will observe, collect and analyze data, build hypotheses in the same way as real scientists do.

Research planning as a purposeful process with clearly defined goals, systematic approach, proper recording of results and connection establishment with further experiments.


Real combat programming instead of theoretical computer science. Opportunities to modify and deploy code straight into the battlefield!

The tension of the mind and analytical skills, the inclusion of logic and concentration. The result - the ability to understand and defeat the enemy's combat mechanism.


Andrei Melnikov

Main Project Manager

Andrei Bannikov

Leading Programmer and Developer

Alexander Valencia-Campo


Viktor Demin

Development of Educational Content on Physics

Natalia Khodykina

Development of Educational Content on Physics

Valentin Shuvalov

Development of Educational Content on Physics

Marina Scherbakova

Development of Educational Content on Programming

Anna Klimenkova

Script, Texts

Pavel Chuzhanov

Design, Graphic Identity

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